4 янв. 2008 г.

How we do it in Russia

Hello everybody.
Want to know about a real business in the real Russia? Not e-business. I'm talking about real life with a real peoples.
So I started this blog to share with you all my successes and defeats. Firstly I'll relate to you how it was started.I work in a fire-safety company by engineer-designer of fire-safety projects.Yes, it's deadly boring. I think so too. That's why I have decided to start my own business. Then I have thinked what can I do with minimum of money to start working on my own. I will not boring relate about my thinks I give you just the result - I have decided to do a toning of windows in buildings and to do a delustering of glass in office landscapes screens.
So me and my partner(yes, I have a partner) have bought some tools and the film and we read tonns of articles about the toning in internet. But now is winter and we can't to do a toning. Therefore we plan only to delustering of glass in office landscapes screens for a while.I'm already registered in tax administration. So here's my tasks
My short-range plans for next week:
  1. To buy a short telephone number for a seriosly office snobbish idiots who thinks that level of seriousness of a offer is length of a telephon number
  2. To do simple advertising poster at half of A4 list for gluing on office blocks. Maybe I'll show you some ;)
  3. To take first client
  4. And finally to do first money

Have you some questions or advices how to do my buisness or advertising poster? :)

I WANT to know your opinion. Please do a favour for me :)

PS Please don't laugh at my english. I'm trying to study it)

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