10 янв. 2008 г.

Tinting business is not so bad )

Today I have knew that a films can be glued even in winter. Now I'm going to start search for consumers from the monday. Unfortunately nobody wants to type a tip or something of this kind. If somebody were type an interesting tip I be very thankful.

By the way. Here the rough price of films in Russia:

Metallized architectural film - about 8$ per square meter,

Matted decorative film - 10$ per square meter

I'm going to take for our services about 40$ per sq.m. with included cost of a film.

Doesn't too much how are you thinking?

8 янв. 2008 г.

Cutting table

We have decided that we need a table for cutting a tinting films. I think it will be a big desk(1.5x1.5 metres) with glass cover. Glass costs something about 750 roubles(1$ = 25 roubles) and sheet of fibreboard with same dimensions costs about 1000 roubles. Shipping costs about 250 roubles. Total table will cost around 2000 roubles(it is almost 100$). We have a placement for putting the table. Now we are fixing up last small things and I hope we will advertise our offer next week.

Also I think who can be attracted to seraching clients for %? Can you help me with answer on this question?

6 янв. 2008 г.

Our business is coming up :)

Hi there!

For the past time we with my parthner have tried to tint a glass. Well, we have made good work for the first time.
In my town there's no any glass-tinting specialized companies.(Does that phrase right? :) I mean there is a lot of service stations that offers their services of tanting car-windows. Of course if smb ask them for the offer maybe they will do the work. But they are not specializing on that kind of work.
Me and my partner are wishing to do the offer for peoples. With good service and with good quality of results of our work.
Now I'm thinking about advertising. What's better - to put up a glued advertisement or to walk throught offices and do offer by myself?

And what do you think?

4 янв. 2008 г.

How we do it in Russia

Hello everybody.
Want to know about a real business in the real Russia? Not e-business. I'm talking about real life with a real peoples.
So I started this blog to share with you all my successes and defeats. Firstly I'll relate to you how it was started.I work in a fire-safety company by engineer-designer of fire-safety projects.Yes, it's deadly boring. I think so too. That's why I have decided to start my own business. Then I have thinked what can I do with minimum of money to start working on my own. I will not boring relate about my thinks I give you just the result - I have decided to do a toning of windows in buildings and to do a delustering of glass in office landscapes screens.
So me and my partner(yes, I have a partner) have bought some tools and the film and we read tonns of articles about the toning in internet. But now is winter and we can't to do a toning. Therefore we plan only to delustering of glass in office landscapes screens for a while.I'm already registered in tax administration. So here's my tasks
My short-range plans for next week:
  1. To buy a short telephone number for a seriosly office snobbish idiots who thinks that level of seriousness of a offer is length of a telephon number
  2. To do simple advertising poster at half of A4 list for gluing on office blocks. Maybe I'll show you some ;)
  3. To take first client
  4. And finally to do first money

Have you some questions or advices how to do my buisness or advertising poster? :)

I WANT to know your opinion. Please do a favour for me :)

PS Please don't laugh at my english. I'm trying to study it)